Georgian Diamond Girandole Earrings

Antique diamonds of the early 1800’s emit a warm glow which resembles the shimmer of a candle.  Such is the glow created by this pair of rose cut diamond girandole earrings.  Foiled diamonds set in silver that is backed with gold sway with the grace of the woman’s motion.

The Girandole form, prevalent in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries, consists of a central motif from which is suspended three oval gemstones or pastes.  These earrings date to circa 1800.  The diamonds sit in a deep silver cup or collet.  Beneath each diamond is a paper thin slice of metal or foil, typical of the manner in which stones of the period were set.  The back of the collet is closed, allowing no light to reach the stone from this angle.  The purpose of the foil is to enhance the refraction of light that does enter the stone.  As candlelight was the sole source of illumination, the light from the jewel is soft and romantic.  The rose cut diamonds are variously round, pear shaped and oval.  Later and reproduction jewelry bear uniform shaped stones.  Also indicative of the age of these earrings is the silver setting that is backed with gold.  We have had the original 19th century links expertly reinforced.  Give these earrings as a gift in celebration of a special occasion or create that occasion in the giving.




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